Governor Newsom Empowers State Bureaucrats to Regulate Working Lands Used for Farming and Grazing

SACRAMENTO - Today, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-82-20, an overly broad order with the practical effect of increasing the cost of land and disrupting the state’s housing goals. In addition, the order is so vague that it is impossible to say what ramifications the order will have on agriculture. Among other things, this order gives state bureaucrats the authority to enact sweeping changes that will undoubtedly interfere with working lands used for farming and grazing. There is nothing to suggest the order wouldn’t lead to a process whereby the state dictates to growers which crops could be grown in order to maximize carbon sequestration.

Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) released the following statement:

“Without any public input, Governor Newsom once again bypassed the State Legislature and set forth policy that will have potentially catastrophic implications to housing and the state’s ability to supply the world’s food. Farmers are conservationists at the core who care deeply about the land that nourishes crops and provides food for American families. Farmers across the state already practice crop rotation and monitor soil nutrient and pH levels without the government forcing their hand.

“Like the ban on gas-powered vehicles, is attacking food producers really a priority right now? We’re still fighting a pandemic. Businesses are struggling. Children are not yet in school, and millions of workers have been laid off because of the Governor’s COVID-19 lockdown policies. And rather than allow this sweeping proposal to have the public input it deserves, Governor Newsom just rams it through on his own.

“I remember when Democrats were worried about Donald J. Trump being an authoritarian,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.