Sacramento Democrats’ Are Fine with Allowing Governor Newsom to Keep His ‘One-Man Rule’

Today, Senate Democrats chose to keep Governor Newsom’s ‘one-man rule’ and voted against Senate Concurrent Resolution 5 (SCR 5) which would have ended the governor’s declared State of Emergency from two years ago. Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) issued the following statement:  

“For two years there has been neither a check nor a balance to this Governor’s unfettered COVID response. Billions lost to fraud, millions of families upended, thousands of small businesses shuttered. The Senate Governmental Organization Committee had an opportunity today to pass SCR 5 and end the Governor’s one-man “emergency” rule that has caused so many problems. I am deeply disappointed that Senate Democrats on this committee voted to kill this measure, which means this governor will continue to have unchecked power while diminishing the legislative branch of government as an equal partner in this state.”