SB 287 Recreational Trailers Licensing Signed by the Governor

Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) announced today that her bill to consolidate most recreational trailers under Class C licenses was signed by the Governor. Senate Bill 287 will allow recreationalists and equestrian enthusiasts to tow their weekend trailers without having to undergo unnecessary verification and exorbitant fees, intended for industry’s heaviest commercial trailers.
“The bi-partisan victory we have achieved on SB 287 is a major win for my constituents and the entire equestrian community,” said Senator Grove. “We have brought light to an issue that, for years, has bred confusion and has become an unnecessary burden for the equestrian enthusiasts in our state.”
Senator Grove worked tirelessly over the last three years to build a wide ranging coalition of equestrian community members, law enforcement, policy experts and state agencies to bring a solution forward. Despite the overwhelming support and speed with which the bill advanced through the legislative process, in the final hours of the bill passing through the Assembly Appropriations Committee, amendments were forced upon the bill to delay implementation until 2027. The Committee cited the California Department of Motor Vehicle’s concern of budgetary needs and time for programming updates.
“I am grateful for the equestrian community’s engagement and support on the bill and although delayed implementation was not the ideal outcome, it is still a major win for us,” said Senator Grove. “I will continue to work with state agencies and the legislature as a strong voice for the equestrian community.”
SB 287 will be fully implemented on January 1, 2027.