Sen. Grove announces school choice measure, flexible spending for flexible learning

Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) is proud to announce Senate Bill 1203 and Senate Constitutional Amendment 9, companion measures that will establish the Education Flex Account Act of 2024. This forward-thinking legislation aims to improve K-12 education in California by providing parents and students with greater choice in selecting the school that best meets their educational needs.

Under the current education system in California, students are assigned to schools based on geographic location, limiting options for families seeking alternative educational opportunities. Despite increased spending per student, California continues to rank behind the national average in academic achievement, with glaring disparities in performance among students of color.

Senate Bill 1203 and SCA 9 seek to address these challenges by creating the Education Flex Account, which will empower parents to choose the accredited school that best fits their child's needs. By reallocating a portion of existing state education funds, students will have access to $8,000 through the Education Flex Account and $16,000 through the Special Education Flex Account for students with special needs, to be used towards tuition and other education expenses. Any unused funds will be returned to the General Fund to support K-12 education the following year.

"This legislation represents a critical step towards providing California families, including families with special education students, with the educational options they need and deserve," said Senator Shannon Grove. "By empowering parents to choose the best educational environment for their children, we are ensuring that every student has access to a high-quality education that prepares them for a lifetime of success."

"Public education in the United States is failing our children and not preparing them to be civically minded adults in the 21st-century economy. This problem is even more pronounced in California where the National Assessment of Educational Progress consistently ranks our state’s students in the bottom tiers of academic achievement and lower than the national average for most grade levels. Parents should have the tools and resources necessary to provide the best education opportunities for their kids regardless of their zip code. That is why California Policy Center fully supports SB 1203 and SCA 9 and looks forward to making Education Flex Accounts a reality for all kids.” – Lance Christensen, California Policy Center

“I have been a high school social studies teacher for 17 years across very diverse schools (public and private) across Los Angeles, CA. I have seen the way that children flourish or wither depending on their school culture and environment. I also have seen how impoverished families struggle to make tuition at private schools but do whatever they can because they have experienced what the alternative is at their local public school and they know how that will severely hinder their child's learning. Giving parents more autonomy and choice in their childrens' education is something that I believe is crucially important and I stand in support of this bill that will help move things in that direction.” –William Reusch, Teacher  

With the Education Flex Account Act of 2024, California is taking a significant stride towards a more child-centered and effective approach to K-12 education.

Senate Bill 1203 and Senate Constitutional Amendment 9 will be heard by the Senate Education Committee on April 24th