Senate Republican Leader Grove Demands Immediate Action on EDD Fraud

Today, Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) introduced legislation to mandate that California’s unemployment department cross check unemployment claims against records in state prisons. In addition to this legislation, Leader Grove recently delivered a letter to Governor Newsom supporting District Attorneys throughout the state and demanding that he provide adequate resources for them to investigate and prosecute EDD fraud cases.

Senate Republican Leader Grove issued the following statement:

“While employers were forced to close and unemployed workers couldn’t lawfully obtain unemployment benefits, Governor Newsom’s administration somehow allowed fraud to run rampant so that rapists, murderers, and death row inmates could receive benefits.

“Newsom’s administration was told months ago to take action to prevent this kind of fraud and their inability to do anything has now placed a potential $2 billion screw-up on the backs of our struggling businesses. Considering this negligence was caused by Newsom’s own administration, instead of stalling investigations to fix the problem, the governor ought to be supporting these investigations in any manner possible.

“Legislative Republicans are here to fix the mess left behind by one-party rule in California. Our taxpayers and employers who are on the hook for this fraud deserve nothing less than immediate action,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield).