Senate Republican Leader Grove Earns Perfect Score for Supporting Businesses

SACRAMENTO – Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) earned a perfect score from the California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) in its 2020 Vote Record on legislation that impacts California’s job creators. Senator Grove has received a perfect score in 2020 and 2019. Click here to review both 2019 and 2020 legislative scorecards.

“Small businesses in the Golden State are truly the economic engine which helps make California the fifth largest economy in the world. Californians need support more than ever — millions are unemployed and more than 14,000 businesses are closed permanently.

“Sacramento Democrats’ radical policies continue to hurt our job creators across the state. As a business owner myself, I am proud to advocate for our job creators and the families who rely on them,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.

As a non-profit organization, CalChamber represents more than 14,000 small and large businesses. For the 2020 legislative session, CalChamber highlighted several major bills which are labeled as either a “priority” or a “job killer,” including Senate Bill 1383 which places a significant burden on job creators with five or less employees to give time-off and Assembly Bill 3216 that requires new COVID-19 employment leave mandate. Senator Grove voted to oppose both legislation.