Senate Republican Leader Grove Responds to 2020-21 State Budget Proposal

SACRAMENTO – Today, Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) issued the following statement after the Governor announced his 2020-21 budget proposal: 

“This year’s budget proposal continues to add to the state’s Rainy Day Fund which Republicans have long pushed for. Money for better emergency preparedness and forest management is overdue. I’m pleased that the governor is continuing to focus on the wildfire efforts with the additional funding for CalFire positions which will help ensure better disaster preparedness and response.

“But too much of this budget is out of touch with everyday Californians. For example, nearly $20 million will go towards cracking down on AB 5 and limiting worker’s freedom, despite the pleas from so many industries to fix the law. This is a clear case of poor prioritization. We should be using this funding to house Californians instead of preventing them from earning an income the way they choose.

“More than 50% of Golden State residents are already considering fleeing because Democrats have imposed high costs on too many basic necessities. The governor offers a lot of new programs, but it’s time to get back to the basics such as lowering the cost of living, ensuring safe communities, providing high-quality education, and serving the disabled.

"Another immediate priority must be tackling the out-of-control homelessness crisis that we all agree on, but California needs to be smart about it. The state has provided significant investments on this issue over the last several years, yet the homeless population dramatically increased in California. Instead of addressing the root-causes of homelessness such as mental health and drug abuse, the Democrats have poorly prioritized their spending,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.

Senate Republicans’ priorities (pdf) include the following: 

  • Improve Californians’ quality of life by lowering the cost of living and shortening commutes.
  • Address the homelessness crisis by providing shelter and access to mental health services and substance use treatment.
  • Prepare for natural disasters and bring down the high cost of insuring rural homes.
  • Ensure California students have access to higher education and vocational training.
  • Fulfill our longstanding commitment to fund needed services for those with developmental disabilities. 
  • Invest in public safety by properly funding our courts and law enforcement efforts.
  • Increase the state’s budget reserves and spending responsibly to prepare for the next recession.