Senate Republicans Advocated to Help Newspaper Carriers and Distributors

SACRAMENTO – Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) issued the following statement after Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 170 into law. The newly-signed legislation will offer newspaper carriers and distributors a one-year extension before the implementation of the Dynamex Decision. AB 170 was drafted after Senate Republicans offered 12 sets of amendments to Assembly Bill 5 during the last week of session, including an amendment to help newspaper carriers and distributors.

The Dynamex Decision will affect hundreds of thousands of independent contractors in California. In September, the governor signed Assembly Bill 5 into law which threatens the livelihoods of many independent contractors in California because it only covers certain industries that were fortunate enough to get a carve-out from Legislative Democrats.

“It is unfortunate that legislative Democrats played favorites when the livelihoods of many Californians are at risk. I am proud of the small reprieve my Senate Republican colleagues and I helped secure. However, we must continue to fight for the Californians hurt by AB 5, including the single mothers who drive for Uber or the college students who work for DoorDash between classes. 

“I am encouraged that the governor signed AB 170 into law even though the author did not vote for her own legislation. More work needs to be done to assist independent contractors in the Golden State,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.