Senate Republicans Urge Newsom to Help Thousands of Foster Children Get into Their "Forever Home"

SACRAMENTO –  Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) and members of the California Senate Republican Caucus delivered a letter to Governor Newsom strongly urging him to allow thousands of foster children who are ready for adoption to move forward through the court system. Pre-COVID, there were approximately 7,200 foster children awaiting placement and about one-third of them just need a judge’s approval to go to their forever home. COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions have halted this process. Click here to read the full letter.

“During this holiday season, there is no greater gift we can give to these foster children than a forever home and family,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove. “It appears that there is no end in sight for some of these guidelines and foster children deserve to be given a safe home immediately.

“Senate Republicans strongly urge the governor to take necessary long and short-term steps to ensure that there are no more delays to the adoption process. With modifications, having a home will become more than just a Christmas wish, it will become a reality for many of California’s foster children.”