Senator Grove Recognizes Peace Officers Memorial Day in California

Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) announced that her resolution, SR 35 to recognize Saturday, May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day in California, passed the California State Senate yesterday with unanimous support.

May 15th is the culmination of a week of remembrance and fellowship events, honoring the lives of the men and women who died in service to our communities.

“These somber but hopeful events remind us that we should strive to not only thank law enforcement officers, but to understand the responsibilities, hazards, and immense sacrifices they bear each and every day,” said Senator Grove.

Our state’s law enforcement agencies serve to provide public safety, by responding to a variety of calls, including domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health challenges and homelessness, often with limited resources.

In the last week, California has lost two officers in the line of duty, Detective Luca Benedetti of the San Luis Obispo Police Department and Officer Jimmy Inn of the Stockton Police Department.

“Every day, peace officers wake up, put their uniform on and walk out the door, not knowing what type of calls they are going to respond to or if they will return home that night,” said Senator Grove. “I want to thank the peace officers who serve today and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving their all in love and service to their community.”

SR 35 will dedicate Saturday, May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for the peace officers who passed in 2020.