Senator Grove Responds to Newsom’s State Budget Proposal

Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) responds to Governor Newsom’s 2022-23 state budget proposal:

"Governor Newsom’s budget over taxes and over-regulates Californians while continuing to push the same policies that have resulted in the highest cost of living, the highest poverty, historically high crime rates and worsening homeless crisis, despite record high spending. In December, Senator McGuire and I called on the governor to increase the number of state firefighters to meet the increasing demands of wildfire management, and I am pleased he has set aside $400 million for this proposal. I appreciate the governor’s focus on the drought’s impact on food producers and funding for water conveyance, but with no additional money for water storage, the budget is still not serious about addressing California’s food and water security. I hope the governor understands we can’t import 100% of the food the Central Valley grows. I am also strongly opposed to the governor’s continued war on the state’s oil and gas industry, which provides good jobs for thousands of families and energy security for all Californians. The governor and the majority party must prioritize the immediate needs of Californians, instead of focusing on their utopian Government controlled state."