Senator Grove’s Human Trafficking Bill Passes Assembly Public Safety Committee

Sacramento-Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) released the following statement on the passage of SB 14 from the Assembly Public Safety Committee with a 6-0 vote and 2 abstentions.

“Democrats on the Assembly Public Safety Committee today reconsidered the merits of Senate Bill 14 and voted to let it out of committee. This is a bill with strong bipartisan support, and protecting victims of child sex trafficking should not be a partisan issue. Today is a victory for every survivor. However, the battle is not over—SB 14 must still go through the Assembly Appropriations Committee when legislators return from Summer recess. I believe most Assembly Democrats want to vote for this bill if they are given a chance, and I am hopeful we can succeed in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. I urge every Californian to stay engaged until the bill is signed into law.”

The Assembly Appropriations Committee will hear Senate Bill 14 in mid to late August.