SB 14 Human Trafficking

Senator Shannon Grove has introduced Senate Bill 14, a bill that would include sex trafficking of a minor in the lists of crimes that are defined as serious under California law, making the crime a strike under the Three Strikes law. If passed, SB 14 will help strengthen protections for thousands of victims of sex trafficking. 

Update as of September 7, 2023:

Senate Bill 14 has two more steps before being sent to the Governor

-Assembly Floor Vote

-Senate Floor Vote

Both votes must take place before the end of session on September 14th, 2023

Please contact your legislators to voice your support of SB 14!

Find your legislator here

Contact the Governor’s office here

“This bill should be passed into law without hesitation. Too many victims fear coming forward and speaking out for fear of their traffickers repercussions. Too often we are restricted in our efforts to serve justice, and far too often victims and survivors never even glimpse justice. Trafficking is heinous and brutal - a crime thankfully many of us will never experience. This is a small step we can take to begin protecting our survivors and procure some small modicum of justice.” – Elizabeth Smart



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2023 Letters of Support 


  1.  California District Attorneys Association  
  2.  Fresno County District Attorney’s Office
  3.  Kern County District Attorney’s Office
  4.  Monterey County District Attorney’s Office
  5.  Sacramento County District Attorney
  6.  San Diego County District Attorney's Office
  7.  Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office
  8.  Tulare County District Attorney's Office
  9.  Ventura County District Attorney


  1.  3Strands Global Foundation
  2.  Bakersfield Crisis Pregnancy Center, Inc.
  3.  Breaking The Chains
  4.  Bridge Network
  5.  California Capitol Connection
  6.  California Catholic Conference
  7.  California Family Council
  8.  California Massage Therapy Council
  9.  California Medical Association
  10.  Concerned Women For America
  11.  Cornerstone Synergy
  12.  Crime Victims United
  13.  Empowerment (Dess Perkins Foundation)
  14.  Flood Bakersfield Ministries, Inc.  
  15.  Harvest International Ministry 
  16.  Helping Us
  17.  Hoffman Hospice
  18.  Homestead Valley Community Council
  19.  Hope For Justice
  20.  Kern County Department of Human Services
  21.  Lake Isabella & Bodfish Property Owner's Association 
  22.  Love Never Fails
  23.  Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association
  24.  Mom Army
  25.  National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
  26.  National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) 
  27.  Operation Underground Railroad
  28.  Our Duty
  29.  Project 14:14 Inc.
  30.  Project Rescue
  31.  Real Impact
  32.  Russell Wilson, Human Trafficking Subject Matter Expert & Survivor
  33.  Saved In America
  34.  Saving Innocence
  35.  Soroptimist International of North San Diego
  36.  Table Mountain Rancheria
  37.  The Light House Recovery Program, Inc.
  38.  Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council
  39.  Tule River Indian Tribe of California
  40.  UPS
  41.  Veterans for Child Rescue
  42.  Woman II Woman Inc.
  43.  Women's Center-High Desert, Inc.
  44.  Zoe International


  1.  Arcadia Police Officers' Association,
  2.  Bakersfield Police Department
  3.  Bear Valley Police Department
  4.  Burbank Police Officers' Association
  5.  California Coalition of School Safety Professionals
  6.  California Police Chiefs Association
  7.  California Reserve Peace Officers Association
  8.  California State Sheriffs' Association
  9.  California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
  10.  Chief Probation Officers' of California
  11.  City of Roseville Police Department
  12.  Culver City Police Officers' Association
  13.  Corona Police Officers Association
  14.  Clovis Police Department
  15.  Deputy Sheriffs' Association of Monterey County
  16.  Exeter Police Department
  17.  Fresno Police Department
  18.  Fullerton Police Officers' Association
  19.  Kern County Probation Department
  20.  Kern County Sheriff’s Department
  21.  Los Angeles School Police Officers Association
  22.  Murrieta Police Officers' Association
  23.  Newport Beach Police Association
  24.  Novato Police Officers Association
  25.  Orange County Sheriff's Department
  26.  Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)
  27.  Palos Verdes Police Officers Association
  28. Placer County Deputy Sheriffs' Association
  29. Pomona Police Officers' Association
  30. Riverside Police Officers Association
  31. Riverside Sheriffs' Association
  32. San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
  33. Santa Ana Police Officers Association and Upland     Police Officers Association
  34.  Visalia Police Department


  1.  Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh
  2.  City of Bakersfield
  3.  City of Beverly Hills
  4.  City Of Clovis
  5.  City Of Fresno
  6.  City Of Needles
  7.  City Of San Juan Capistrano 
  8.  City Of Santa Clarita
  9.  City of Taft
  10.  City Of Tehachapi
  11.  City of Yuba City
  12.  County of Fresno
  13.  County of Kern
  14.  Kern County Board of Supervisors
  15.  San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors
  16.  San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson